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Syrian Hamster Cages: Best Cage Arrangement and Selection

         When you're deciding on a cage for your Syrian hamster, you should look at many variables. Very most essentially, you would like to decide on a cage that's large good enough, risk-free, as well as quick and easy towards cleanse. However, several cages you'll locate at the pet hold don't comply with all of these criteria when it involves Syrian (gold, teddy birth, dark birth) hamsters.

Type of Cage

Your principal options are going to be actually in between a cord cage (generally on a plastic base), a plastic modular cage (the types along with several areas as well as tubes), or even an fish tank (along with a safe and secure fit together cover). Each cage-style has actually conveniences as well as negative aspects in convenience of cleansing, surveillance, and venting.

Convenience of Cleansing

Typically, a cord cage along with a plastic tray is actually the best towards clean; only raise the cable off all-time low, clear out the bed linens, as well as clean down the cable component as essential. The much a lot extra sophisticated the cage, the harder it are going to be actually towards cleanse, which is actually crucial if you are actually looking at a plastic cage along with a number of tubes and areas. These cages may end up being a genuine chore towards cleanse. Fish tanks are actually certainly not horribly hard towards cleanse yet could be hefty as well as uncomfortable towards manage at cleansing opportunity. Cleansing cages isn't an enjoyable duty, therefore maintaining it quick and easy are going to bring in having a hamster much a lot extra enjoyable.


A cord cage is actually effortlessly the best possibility for venting. The tubes as well as confined areas of plastic modular cages may prevent air movement, therefore sky high top premium as well as condensation may end up being complications. Furthermore, fish tanks may likewise have actually poor venting. Consider that the visibility of cable cages provides excellent venting yet suggests you has to maintain the cage away from drafts. Plastic cages as well as fish tanks carry out provide much a lot better security coming from drafts.


Try for a lowest of 24 ins through 12 ins, as well as a minimum of 12 ins high. Having said that, towards maintain your hamster energetic as well as satisfied, attempt to obtain a much bigger cage—when it involves hamster cages, much bigger is actually regularly much a lot better.

Syrian hamsters require enough room towards manage as well as participate in, as well as the genuine flooring room of the cage is necessary for this. Typically, several cages marketed for hamsters are actually as well little for Syrian hamsters. Keep in mind that the tubes, areas, as well as integrated tires of plastic modular cages are actually as well little for several Syrian hamsters.

1. Much a lot extra Room Suggests Much a lot extra enrichment

Much larger cages suggest possessing much a lot extra possibilities for hamster tires, hideouts, passages as well as playthings! Why decide on in between a significant tire as well as a lot of great playthings when you may have actually each as well as much a lot extra in an effectively sized cage? The much a lot extra region your cage has actually, the much a lot extra enjoyable to become eaten each your you and hamster.

2. Much a lot extra Room Suggests Much a lot extra area for discovering

Did you know that hamsters in the wild burrow towards midsts of around 0.7m? Hamsters are actually extraordinary little bit of burrowers, as well as are going to require bed linens of a minimum of 15cm (6") intensity towards burrow towards their hearts' web information. Towards figure out much a lot extra around exactly just what type of bed linens your hamster are going to adore you for, ensure towards check out at our risk-free bed linens write-up.

3. Much a lot extra Room Suggests Much less Cleansing

Nobody prefers to execute potty obligation. Having said that, along with a much larger cage as well as completely deeper bed linens, you may escape along with only regular area cleansing, as well as a deep-seated cleanse every 4 towards 6 full weeks. Exactly just what is actually deeper cleansing? A deep-seated cleanse involves: 1. taking out every thing interior the cage, 2. throwing out all of the stained bed linens, as well as 3. providing every thing a cleanse clean and complete. Alternatively, area cleansing is actually just choosing the stained bed linens items coming from your hamster's cage. Generally, an effectively large cage is actually much a lot extra positive as well as pleasant for hamsters as well as pawrents equally!

Cage Surveillance as well as Protection

The room in between benches on a Syrian hamster's cage needs to be actually no greater than 1/2 in apart. Straight bars are going to make it possible for some option towards climb up. Check out the doors on any sort of cage making certain they are actually get, as hamsters may end up being very specialist at opening up doors. Steel screw clips, just like those on completion of a pet leash, could be clipped on "padhair" doors for an additional degree of surveillance on cable doors. If you decide on a cage along with a number of amounts, see to it there's no spot where your hamster could possibly drop a cross country.

Syrian Hamster Cages as well as Chewing

The steer as well as potential of hamsters towards eat may have an effect on the form of cage they are actually matched for. Cable cages have actually several conveniences, yet some hamsters end up being virtually compulsive around chewing benches. If giving enough eat playthings as well as monotony busters do not eliminate the chewing, changing towards a solid-sided cage might be actually the best possibility. Likewise, when deciding on a plastic cage, see to it certainly there certainly are actually no left open sides or even ridges of plastic where a hamster may begin chewing the cage, or even your hamster is actually most probably towards run away at some time. Fish tanks are actually usually chew-proof (yet see to it the deal with is actually get).


Hamsters needs to have actually tires, yet it is actually vital for Syrian hamsters making certain the tire allows good enough. The tires created right in to plastic cages are actually occasionally as well little for Syrian hamsters. Essentially, tires needs to have actually a sound area as well as no crossbars for sustain, therefore no arm or legs or even various other body system components receive captured.

Bed linens Intensity

Regardless of what type of cage you utilize, see to it you may give a wonderful deeper coating of bed linens for burrowing. This is actually essential for cable cages—choose one along with a deep-seated tray towards make it possible for a wonderful deeper coating of bed linens, and towards lower the volume of bed linens your hamsters are going to drive or even toss out of the cage.


As large as achievable

Minimal cage measurements -

Syrian Hamster: a minimum of 80cm x 50 cm

Much larger cages =

  • Better as well as much less anxious hamsters that are actually simpler towards tamed as well as bond along with
  • Much healthier hamsters that appearance much a lot better as well as reside much a lot longer
  • Much a lot extra possibilities for correctly-sized hamster tires, hideouts, playthings , as well as themed cage establish
  • Opportunity as well as price cost financial savings for pawrents along with lowered cage cleansing regularity

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